top of page's something completely different but it is another passion of mine. I lost my golf swing, shown above, in 1977 due to a severe left ankle injury and have been on a quest to resurrect it for all these years.

Recently, I stumbled on a couple of things that prevented me from swinging the club like I did pre-1977. These two important items regarding the golf swing are quite mind-boggling, and what I feel, are holding back a plethora of golfers. Want to know what they are? I have created a golf video documenting my quest and the two main items that prevented me from finding my swing of old. It's been quite the journey, and you may find it fascinating.

Ok here's the video----> My Quest

I want to extend a huge thank you to Tom Watson who encouraged me in 2014 and through the past years to continue pursuing my quest. He inspired me to never give up on my dream. I have used his videos and book "The Timeless Swing" to get back to my swing of old. I highly recommend his videos and book since they are extremely informative and inspirational.  

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