Okay....here's something completely different but it goes with my passion of night sky imaging. I lost my golf swing in 1977 due to a severe left ankle injury and have been on a quest to resurrect it for many years.

Recently, I stumbled on a couple of things that prevented me from swinging the club like I did pre-1977. These two myths about the golf swing are quite mind-boggling. Want to know what they are? I am creating a golf video and a book regarding my quest and the two notorious myths. It was quite the journey and you may find it fascinating. The video will be coming out in December 2021 and the book to follow in early 2022.


Here's a video of my swing today. It doesn't quite resemble my swing of old and I am still working on it. But, it is a lot better from the swing I developed after my ankle injury to compensate for the pain. If you look at my left ankle you can see where I still wear a support brace. After my injury, I could no longer post up into this ankle. And the swing I adopted to relieve the pressure on my left ankle was atrocious. Basically, it was a severe reverse pivot no-lever swing. Remnants of it are still with me and may always be there to rear their ugly heads but I am still trying to subdue them in my retirement years.

Golf Swing 1/8 speed

Golf Swing real time