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I have looked at different mediums for displaying my artwork from photo paper, canvas giclee prints, metal prints and acrylic prints and I found that the perfect medium is metal.

So I am recommending at this time, for anyone wishing to purchase my artwork, to go with white gloss aluminum. Not only will the artwork pop off your wall, but the system is very lightweight, does not need a frame, comes with an elegant hanging system already installed and cleans easily.

This medium can be placed in any room of your home or office ; even in high moisture areas like bathrooms. And the print will last longer and retain its' colors better than any other medium available. It will last a lifetime.

To that end I am creating a new website for purchasing prints of my images. There you will be able to get various sizes of metal prints and also paper prints. 

Stay tuned for that site's link to be posted here. 


Here's a typical 16x20 metal print prior to hanging on the wall.

Here's a typical hanging system for a 16x20 metal print.

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